Terry Pearson

A unique consultancy service
using outside the box solutions

Having spent over forty years´ in the construction industry I have a vast breadth of know-how and expertise. Using this knowledge I am able to provide hands on consultancy to the benefit of clients and advantage of a particular task or scheme.

Construction Management

The construction industry which represents in the region of 10% of the UK’s GDP is unique in its operation and output, there are few exact sciences in construction. Building schemes evolve by experience of the managers and team leaders. Having worked in a number of European Countries across many trades I have a solid knowledge of the many different disciplines used new-build or refurbishment sector.

If you have a query with a scheme or wish to discuss what I can add to your proposed venture or build, then do get in touch.

Contentious Insolvency

Consultancy work in construction led me into insolvency related activities which have in recent years taken more of my time than that of building related appointments. Using the skills learned in construction and an ever expanding knowledge of the Insolvency Act. Recent successes include a multi-million pound settlement for a company which entered insolvency proceedings in 2008. I have had number of appointments representing contentious claims against directors some of which have been put before the High Court for directions.

If you are having issues with an Insolvency Practitioner, my experience is they can be challenged. Some Insolvency Practitioners perch themselves high on pedestals!


Project Management

I have managed many hundreds of schemes across the whole industry from a £5M refurbishment scheme in the early nineties to a small individual refurbishment projects as well as many new-builds.

Construction Sectors

Building works cut across every aspect of our living whether it is the road you drive on, the office or other commercial building you work in, the shop where you buy groceries, or your home - every aspect is a construction related task. With the exception of civil and off-shore works I have had experience in most areas of construction in both retail and commerce.


Working in most construction sectors I have had the opportunity of working with most disciplines, brickwork, joinery roofing, fitting-out, even some experience in the black art of M&E, but do not profess to have a anything like a full understanding of that particular trade. Where M&E is involved I almost always use the services of a specialist known M&E consultant.


Smoke and Mirrors

Insolvency has been described in many variations of 'smoke and mirrors' There is no doubt the Rules of the Insolvency Act are complex and far reaching. I am not able to advise you on the 'law' of the Act but I can assist you in understanding the Rules and providing my opinion based on experience.

Contentious Work

My more recent experience is that Insolvency Practitioners are likely to start hunting down 'rogue' Directors to recoup funds that have been removed from a company prior to insolvency - if that is what you have done, then I am not the consultant for you. If however you are being threatened on spurious grounds, then I am sure I can assist you. One of my more recent cases was a Director wrongly being pursued for over £400k. Despite previous legal advice to the contrary the matter was closed with all threats against my client being withdrawn.

Insolvency Rules

The Insolvency Rules 1986 have been updated spasmodically over the years with tweaks to the legislation. Now, the Rules are being re-written to create The Insolvency Act 2016 [final date yet to be confirmed]. What is worth noting is that lots of the new rules will impact on creditors dealing with Insolvency Practitioners as well as presidents being set. I will not be alone when I say there are lots of unanswered questions in the Act that will over time be challenged in one form or another.

Your Questions

Will you build our building?

No. Will I project manage it on your behalf, most definitely. I have a database of many specialist sub-contractors that have worked with me on numerous jobs over the years. All can be trusted to provide a quality cost effective service. As part of my project management duties I will work for you to ensure your build costs are kept under control and provide value for money for the scheme being undertaken. Recently my client wanted to use one of their own sub-contractors who had quoted £6,000 for the work. I secured the services of another contractor to do those same scheme for £2,500!

Do you work with other building consultants?

Absolutely. Construction is a vast maze of technologies and construction techniques. While I carry a vast breadth of knowledge I do not profess to be able to deal with every aspect. I have a bank of known consultants I regularly with from Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, M&E design Consultants through to Approved Inspectors and more.

The whole ethos of project management is to ensure that you receive the best of services whether that is me that provides or another experienced specialist. It is the commercial cost effective success of your scheme that is important.

How much do you charge?

My fee will be very much dependent on what you are wanting, the intensity, the length of time of the appointment, etc. What I can say is that I believe my fees are as competitive as you will find anywhere and provide value for money. I can honestly say I have never been challenged on fees by a client.

What about going to Court?

Much of the insolvency process revolves around High Court applications, although the new rules are to devolve some of the tasks to lower courts. Where a High Court application is needed I work with a number of Solicitors who can deal with that aspect. If it a straight forward hearing then I will usually suggest the engagement of a [known] Barrister that you appoint on the Direct Access Scheme.

What my clients have said!

There is no doubt with Terry Pearson - what you see is what you get!


Tell me why did I spend over £3,000 for letters to be sent that got me nowhere? How come you get a result that others said was not possible, and, that I should try negotiate a settlement.


Terry offers a forward thinking approach, has a wealth of experience and is dedicated, honest and reliable. He truly is an invaluable part of our team.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We all have a responsibility!

I firmly believe that each of us that has the ability to help others n our community should do so assisting either those less fortunate than ourselves, or simply working towards a better community through local groups.

I have been privileged to be involved with Bradford Cinderella Club for nigh-on thirty years spending perhaps the last twenty as a Trustees of the great local charity which has spent over 125 years providing treats to underprivileged children in my home town of Bradford.

More recently I was invited to be Chairman and Mnaging Director of my local mechnics Institue follwing its closure by previous deliquant Board Members. While this particular charity work is time consuming, hard graft, it is also very rewarding watching the resurgence of this fantastic old listed building and he continued support being received from the community and the various user groups.

If you would like to support one of my favourite charities you can do so here:

Bradford Cinderella Club

Bradford Cinderella Club
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Eccleshill Mechanics Institute

    Mechanis Institute
   Eccleshill Community Association
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